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- D e   L a   F l o r e -

FROM THE FLOWER ~ Our name is an expression of how flowers move an audience, inspired by the same way a painting or the sound of music makes someone feel. Every De la Flore creations is expressed by the movement of how flowers grow in the wild, using textures, shapes and forms, arranging them in the direction they would appear naturally. We choose a wide selection of colours in different shades that can complement both dark and light colours together. Every De La Flore creation is build with a lot of care, love, and hard work!

- Designer & Owner  -     

Estefani Alvarenga - Was brought up artistically by her father, who was an artist and a musician. He introduced music and art into the lives of his children at a young age. He would encourage them to learn how to play an instrument and inspire them to open their minds to creative thinking. Having an upbringing of such love for art, Estefani was taught, by her farther to play the Piano, Guitar and the Flute and even though music was kept in her life, Estefani would translate her creativity and imagination not through music, but by sketching and painting. 

After going to multiple schools for Fine Arts and graduating as a Make-up Artist. In 2011, Estefani landed a job in floristry, where she first learned basic skills of the industry. Flowers had opened her eyes and took her to a beautiful place in her artistic imagination. Like her paintings, she was able to play with colours and manipulate the extent of her designs, this led Estefani to pursue a career that brings both her two passions of art and life together. 


- Values  -

Supporting Local & Ethically grown

As of 2019, we are committing on using our resources of incorporating more locally grown and organically grown blooms. We will also commit to sourcing flowers ethically from Fair Trade farms that support workers and the environment. We are committing to change because we care about where our flowers come from, and education is key to making that change.

Care & Quality

Our flowers are very important to us. We select our blooms by season, we never use flowers that have been dyed, or that are plastic. We use natural products to store and keep our flowers as fresh as possible.

Solution To Change

Harmful toxins, plastics, and the production of waste materials has had great impacts on the environment. De la Flore is committed to strict environmental standards by composting all greens and not using any plastics. We focus on using natural biodegradable materials, Sustainable Eco friendly structures, and we re-use materials as much as we can.


De la Flore - From the Flower