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- Collaborations -

Collaboration Credits: Photographer -Tina Simaika. MUAH - Meagan MacRae Model - Ave Maria


Why Collaborate with us?

Collaborating with De La Flore is not just about getting an idea and making it work. We love connecting with different kinds of people by building relationships, building a network and a creative community. We love to think outside the box , using a variety of colour, textures, and unusual florals, to give people ideas of what else there is that’s different and that can be used. We are big on installations and all of the little details. We have worked with all sorts of incredible people in the wedding industry from Photographers, Event Planners, Make-up Artist, Models, Gown Designers to working at different Venues from all over Vancouver.

We are always looking to work and partner up with different kinds of professionals in all forms of the wedding & art industry regarding but not limited to: Wedding, Events, Art, Design, and Marketing.

A few things to know about collaborating with us..

As a small independent floral company, we work very hard for every task, event, & ideas that come along our way. We make sure everything is well communicated with all the vendors involved and we make sure all of the ideas/criteria are met.

As collaborations are known for contributing time and resources, De La Flore, at this time only can contribute florals at a wholesale cost and a floral wholesale pickup fee, we do not charge for our time. As we are still a growing company, we do not have the funds to participate in collaborations for free. Please contact us for more information.