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Designing in Vintage


One of my many first photo-shoots I took part in was collaborating with, at the time, a student from Langara College. Danika Lee was a photography student, just finishing her year with all kinds of fun projects.

As one of my very first collabs, I was so thrilled when she contacted me to see if I wanted to be part of a photo-shoot project. At the time, I was only starting my business, and didn’t have that many floral related work just yet. So you can imagine how excited I must have felt, only starting out and already having a chance to be part in someones work, it can be a very thrilling experience. It’s funny when you look back at yourself over small accomplishments, the reaction of what it must have been like is nothing compared to where you are going, but its the small accomplishments that take you there.


Something I learned and still learning is taking as many chances as you can in life, even if you think it might not do anything for you, the fact of not really knowing where it could take you, is already a daring interesting path, it can sometimes never feel safe, but life is funny that way. Every time something comes up, that’s not planned, and I start feeling a little scared about it, I think about how many lives I have. The answer is always the same, just ONE. So where, and what do I want to do with it, what chances can I get with just one life?

This is just a shared thought really, but it keeps me dreaming of future goals in this floral career of mine. For now, I’ll just share the rest of this FUN VINTAGE SHOOT. Yes, it was themed SPRING WEDDING VINTAGE, and man I was creative with the colours, the textures, the back drop. I was just a thrilled little florist for a first little project in this little company of mine. :)

I love Vintage and I really wanted to do justice for this piece. The gowns are from the photographers parents closets, and they were beautifully kept over the years. I thank everyone who took part in this shoot, and it was a really fun project to work on!


Photographers: Danika Lee, & Rebekah August,

Producer: Johnny Liu

Models - Mary A & Kristina Terentyeva

Makeup Makenzie Shooter

Florals - De La Flore