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Hello everyone, 

As you all know I am a florist, passionate about art, food, life, and of course flowers. I wanted to share some moments of my floral experiences with you as I walk through life with some of the most beautiful things this planet has offered us to enjoy. 

So as my first journal entry, I just wanted to give a little bit more of an insight intro of who I am and what I hope to aspire to be in my future life within this floral business I create.

As you probably know, my business name is in Spanish meaning, ‘From the Flower’, which I thought was fitting given that I'm in this business for the idea of what flowers do for us as a whole. I also wanted the name to be in Spanish because growing up in Canada I always felt distant from my own culture. Giving myself a name that reflects my passion and a bit of my background makes me feel much more connected to people and in a way helps me to identify who I am in all of this.


In the 16 months of running my small independent floral business, I have come to learn so much through so many other people in and out of the wedding industry, there have been lots of ups and downs, lots of long nights, lots of figuring out, lots of planning where to go next, and sometimes it’s endless. Although, some days I want to cry out, I am very thankful for deciding to do this and become independent. I am very thankful to have gotten to meet such amazing people through it all, and connections I thought I would never make.

I know right now, I am where I am suppose to be, I don’t have a store, or a space big enough… Yet! But when you start somewhere in anything, of course you have to start small. Work smart, hard, fair, nice, and be yourself. I don’t ever compare myself to others ahead of me because most florist have gone though so much to get where they are and deserve to be there. I know I will too!

In the next few post, I will be talking about photo shoots, weddings, my next few goals, big artistic installations that are non-wedding but more artistic, what inspires me, and what will lead me to creating more beautiful things. I hope you get the chance to ask me some questions and interact with me through it all. :)

Until then!

~ E. Alvarenga

Photo Credit Johnny Liu